Jason Munroe
Transition & Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Jason Munroe

I am a Coach who supports families struggling with relationship challenges. Whether a couple is at the point of separation or they desire to improve their partnership I assist in the transition to the new relationship and desired healthy lives.

I do this work because I have always been the go to person for any people in my circle to talk about their relationship challenges. I know what it’s like to be at the point of needing to end a relationship and wanting to do it in a way that’s healthiest for myself, my ex, my children and our families.

I have dedicated myself to serving individuals and their families whether it’s mentoring neuro-diverse kids, coaching couples to improve their relationship or supporting individuals who are going through a separation. All these situations can be challenging and lead people to feel like nobody understands, cares or will support them.

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My Approach

How I Get Results

I execute my work with a mixture of approaches including Co-Active coaching and the Gottman approach. I chose to educate myself in both of these approaches as they are not based on just opinion. They are grounded in decades of research and results. I am an outcome oriented person and do not want to waste my clients resources including their time, money and effort. I work with people on getting organised and moving towards their goals with the least amount of drama and in the healthiest way possible.

I work with couples on communication where they have been gridlocked or preventing gridlock in new partnerships. Two thirds of couples experience difficulties with recurring events and this becomes the reason their partnerships ultimately fail.

My Methodology

Primary Relationships

I specialize in primary relationships and improving the quality of them. Skills I work on with couples include but are not limited to:

  • Stress reducing conversations
  • Increasing empathy between parties
  • Learning to focus on the positive attributes of your partner and the relationship
  • Continuing to deepen trust and friendship in the partnership
  • Rituals of connection and building traditions with shared meaning
  • Creating a shared vision for the future of you relationship
  • Recovering from relationship betrayals and trust issues


I also work to support people going through separation. They are building a new life and while experiencing the grief of losing the relationship they thought they could rely most on. Generally people are doing this in an adversarial relationship with their ex partner. On top of that many face the disappearance of their communities including their families and faith groups.

Skills I work on with my clients in the midst of separation include but are not limited to

  • Planning their new lives
  • Non adversarial conversations with their ex-partners
  • Building a support team
  • Setting boundaries with family, friends and community
  • Accountability and reasonable timelines
  • Creating opportunities for vulnerability for any children involved
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