Transition and Relationship coach for folks who want to create a life of happiness with as little drama as possible.

The Approach

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Have as peaceful and respectful a separation as possible

For yourself the best approach respects your mental health and leaves you with the least baggage possible.

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Increase your joy and create a life that doesn’t drain you

Do you need to get moving again? Change your career? Find your creative outlets? Get out of the rut you have been in for much too long.

I will work with you to make a plan that slides you out of the habits that have not been productive into ones that align with who you want to be in the future.

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Support through the chaos

Our support systems can be great. Sometimes we need someone to talk to someone who won’t repeat what we said and won’t judge or have a need to make it about themselves.

If you need that I have packages that allow you to book quick calls as you need them vs planned regular sessions.

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General Support
Divorce /
Separation Support
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Reconciliation Support
Jason Munroe
Hi, I'm Jason Munroe,

Transition and Relationship Coach

I am a Coach who supports families struggling with relationship challenges.

Whether a couple is at the point of separation or they desire to improve their partnership I assist in the transition to the new relationship and desired healthy lives.


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Intentional Separation: the support you need 

While terminating a marriage can be challenging, it is at times the right choice to start a new life, it generally means you have to start from scratch and let go of many comforts that you had previously put into your life. Many separations get caught up in anger and shame and focus on winning or beating their ex. For…

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How couples coaching works 

Q: What is my coaching approach? I follow The Gottman Method for couples coaching and mix it with accountability and the motivational tools that I use as a coach. My Approach  includes a thorough assessment of the couples relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory (the foundation of the Gottman Method). The following is a…

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Individual, Couples and Family Counseling.

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